Friday, August 21, 2009

New Member of The Eagles Michael Vick

Due to the recent signing of Michael Vick, a number of people have been in an uproar. Why? Yes he did do something terrible to beautiful animals. Yes I was also disgusted when I first found out. But why should he have to continue to pay for the mistake he made after the time he served? If anyone should be to blame, blame the court that sentenced him and then released him. I absolutely love animals but do we as humans hold an animals life more important over another humans life? There are so many other things in our world to worry about that this just seemed so ridiculous to me. MV is trying to prove that he feels remorse so lets give him a chance. There are men on death row writing books that are becoming best sellers and they're doing it from prison. They took another human being's life and are able to be accepted by society more successfully than Michael Vick? I would probably loose it if anything happened to my daughter's kitten. Whether it was a mistake or even on purpose, I would still forgive. I also heard on the news that people are going as far as posting their season tickets on EBay to make a stand or a point. Why? Don't we remember how crazy the Philly area went when the Phillies won last year? Do you really mean to tell me that this one man is worth missing out on the chance to see the Eagles take it home this year? Hell even my 9 year old daughter and myself were outside banging on pots and pans with neighbors when the Phillies won last year. I don't care for sports like I used to but it was in it's own way a part of our "Eastcost History". I think everyone should just move on and worry about more important things like I don't know. . . the present recession maybe.

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  1. I don't own a dog... but I have in the past and I do like dogs. Unfortunately, dog fighting is a part of black culture... I believe that hunting is just as bad as dog fighting. They go out into the woods and shoot Bambi... BAMBI!!! But this is acceptable. I always say America is the only country where people hunt when they are not hungry. There are animals on the endangered list because of hunting. Not to say what he did isn't wrong. There are people in the NFL (Leonard Little) that have been convicted of vehicular manslaughter/DUI but is still playing. There are people that have commited worse crimes. Michael Vick has paid a huge price (losing over $100 million in income) so I believe he deserves a second chance.