Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sugar Daddy or Security Blanket?

Many women find an older more mature man extremely attractive. I personally prefer to date men a little older than myself. I’m not saying that older men are better. I’ve dated my share of “Duds” in my day. What we usually look for is seasoned experience. My opinion is that due to the fact that women mature earlier than men, we look for that compatibility in a partner. We want to share our lives with another grown-up that has finished growing up. Life has enough stresses. The last thing we need is to come home to another adult whose top goal in life is to make it to the fourth or fifth level of some video game.  

Of course there are a number of women who give us females a bad name. They are in search of a “Sugar Daddy”. An older man to them is not just a potential partner but also a paycheck. They are chasing the All American Dream called the mighty dollar. It does not bother them to offer themselves as opposed to putting in 40 hours the more respectable and honorable way. They want what they want and lying on their backs for an hour seems to be the lesser of the two evils.

But make no mistake; there are still a significant number of women who are honest with their intentions. Our futures are not something to mess with and living a clean and sincere lifestyle is priority. We are in search of that special someone who we can spend the rest of our lives with. Some may call it a security blanket but who wouldn’t want to secure their future? Choosing a compatible mate is not just about looks or how the two of you get along. After a certain age we should all be putting the games away and act our ages.  

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